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Video 2

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Keith Kidder’s foam electric “Eagle”.  Video by David Switzer.

Bob Orr starting the DA-100 in his 1/3 scale Super Cub. Watch the flight stand under the stabilizer when he hits full throttle.

Bob Orr’s 1/3 scale Super Cub maiden flight..

Bob Orr’s 1/3 scale Super Cub towing Gary Johnson’s glider.

Video by David Switzer.

Jerry Case’s “F-35” foam electric ducted fan.  Video by David Switzer.

Bob Orr’s 1/3 scale Super Cub in flight.  Video by David Switzer.

Bob Orr’s 1/3 scale Super Cub towing Gary Johnson’s glider.  Video by Jerry Case.

Nick Radle’s freestyle flight demonstration at our FICO field.  He flew a Hanger 9 35% Extra 300 powered by a 120cc twin cylinder DA gas engine.

Video by Jerry Case.

Gary Ament’s solo flight at the FICO field on April 9, 2014.  He made 3 take-off’s and landings in one flight.

Video by Jerry Case.

Bob Orr’s 33% scale Ercoupe.  Kit by Balsa USA.  120” wing span.  28-32 lbs.  DA-70 twin cylinder gas engine.  Functioning oleo struts.  Detailed cockpit interior.

Video by Jerry Case.

Go for a ride in Dave Switzer’s MX-2 with a wing mounted cam. MX-2 is capable of just about any aerobatic maneuver in the book!  Video by Dave Switzer.

If the pecans were still on the trees, Sam Stone’s 100 mph+ Stryker would have shaken a few off. Our newest club member demonstrated some high-speed flying with his F-27Q Stryker.  Video by Dave Switzer.

Short clips from January 2013 of the Green Valley Flyers in action.

Video by Dave Switzer.

John Weakly’s new E-flite Apprentice is considered, by many, to be one of the finest trainers available. Plane is stable and capable of taking a flyer from basic flight to aerobatics. Under the guidance of Instructor Jerry, the Apprentice took flight for the first time.  Video by Dave Switzer.

Art Siri’s Cobra is a giant-scale model.  Features twin gull wings on a Midget Mustang fuselage. 76” wingspan, 65” length. Power comes from a supercharged Merlin V-12 developing 1600 HP. Well, not really, but it performs like it has one in it!  Video by Dave Switzer.