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Video 3

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Aerial view of FICO flying field from David Naismith’s Sig Kadet LT25.  Video by Reed Smedley.

Puppy Love at our FICO flying field.  Buttons and Bella providing an intense public display of affection.

Aerial view of FICO field taken by Reed Smedley’s video camera mounted on Keith Kidder’s Slow Stick.

Lazy Bee, built by Ben Butters, flown by Keith Kidder.  Video by Dave Switzer.

Montage of Green Valley RC flyers.  Video by Dave Switzer.

Montage of landings.

Video by Dave Switzer

Aerial hunt for Bob Hibschman’s  lost Radian glider.  Keith Kidder piloting his Slow Stick.  Video by Reed Smedley.