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To get a detailed weather forecast in 3-hour slices for

the next 60 hours at Davis-Monthan AFB,

click on this picture.


Aviation Weather Report for Davis Monthan AFB

To get current information for Green Valley, click on the picture below.

On the resulting map, click on one of the two Green Valley stations.

At the bottom of the resulting Green Valley or Green Valley Fire window, click on the “See Real Time Conditions” link.

In the resulting window, click inside the “Monitors” window to select monitors

of interest, e.g., “V Wspd” (wind speed).

Finally, click on the “Change Grid/Graph” button to display the data in a

table or graph.

 Pima County Department of Environmental Quality Air Info Now

Weather.Com Forecast for Green Valley

Weather Underground Forecast for Green Valley

Accuweather.com Forecast for Green Valley