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Ron Bengston had a picture-perfect maiden flight of his Zipper on 1/5/13. Video by Dave Switzer.

Jerry Case (alias the spin-meister) demonstrated the aerobatic abilities of his Model Tech “Magic.” Flat spins were performed with ease!

Video by Dave Switzer.

Craig Westfall’s Great Planes Extra 330S:  It’s short life span of one month from maiden flight to it’s final flight.  Video and photos by Jerry Case.  Additional photos by Glen Aldridge.

Bob Brown’s Great Planes Extra 300:  The engine cut out probably due to old fuel lines and it crashed right after that. Photos and video by Jerry Case.

Bob Brown’s second Great Planes Extra 300:  Two successful flights, the second one with smoke. Video by Jerry Case.

The Saga of Gary Johnson's P-51 Mustang.  It ended with a close encounter with a barbed wire fence.

Maiden flight of Gary Johnson’s Hanger 9 Corsair.  Powered by a DLE 35cc gas engine. E-Flite electric retracts.  Weighs 14 lbs. Video by Jerry Case.

Twin Buttes Expansion, March 15 & 16, 2016

 Photos and video by Jerry Case.

Jim Trimbell rolled out his new Hanger 9 Twist. 55” wingspan.  Power 60 E-flite 400 Kv motor.  6-cell lipo battery. Piloted by Jerry Case.  Wow, can it fly!  Video by Dave Switzer.

Flying  with Jeff Brown on October 7, 2017.  Video by Wally Towne.

Tucson Aerobatic Shootout - October 22, 2017.  Video by Gary Johnson.