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A.M.A. Charter


AMR Rural/Metro Ambulance Insurance

AMR Rural/Metro is offering an insurance policy for Pima County residents.

The policy pays for either Rural/Metro OR Green Valley Fire ambulance charges that are not covered by the patient’s medical policy.

If the insured is transported, a claim is submitted by Rural/Metro to the patient’s medical insurance carrier(s).  If this claim is denied, then the ambulance insurance will not cover the service.

If the claim is approved, then the ambulance insurance will pay for any charges that are not covered by the patient's medical policies.

The cost is $97.34 (raised in July, 2023) per household, for 1 or more individuals, per contract year.  This fee is adjusted each April 1.

Please call Rural/Metro Customer Service Division at (480) 606-3886 or 800-645-9413.  Provide your name and address and they will mail an application form to you.   Or pay immediately for the service via your credit card.

AMR Rural/Metro sends out annual renewal notices before the due date.  If you don’t receive one, call the phone number above.

Updated 07/07/2023.